Domingo, 09.11.14




The "Yesterday" word 
will soon become my past
So I have To live While I last

The present day will never know tomorrow
So I'll make sure not to live my life
In dispair or in sorrow

Grab my hand please
Before the cold storm hits me to the ground
And I'm pretty sure that day will
Soon come and stick around

Just don't use the words like
"See, I told you so"
Cause the thing is;
You're not wearing my soul

And that's a fact, crap
I have to deal with that...
man would you spare me for once

Try if you dare, care
Or don't even compare
We'll count the stars at the end
And see 
Which one of us is free

Don't forget to hold
my hand friend
please try to understand
Cause I will Sink in
Then I will try to comprehend 

The use of your words like
"See, I told you so"
But till then let me offer this burden to you

What would you do
If It'd happened to you
Would you find yourself
With nothing left to prove?

This way's easier to bear
I just have to be aware
While living the dream
Of the life I have never had


Music and Lyric: Thomas Anahory
Guitar Solo: César Martins
Voice, Backing Vocals, Piano, Rhythm Guitar: Thomas Anahory
Produced By: César Martins and Thomas Anahory
Photo: Vasco Stocker Vilhena


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Sábado, 08.11.14




Não encontrei a letra desta música


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Terça-feira, 21.01.14




Well You wished upon a star

And you took the Universe

Have you drowned yourself in mystery

Cause your words don't come out

You don't react so easily


Yeah we sang a corny song

BuT your dance strangely Detuned

On the right path for your heart

There's a stone

That will never let you get a brand new home


I would go around the sun

Just to watch your darkness fall

Cause I Know that its the one

That is keeping you

Unable to breath in,

I come Undone


And your acts don't represent

The true meaning of your thoughts

Cause the things that you do write

They don't match

The words you say to me just tell me why


I would go around the moon

Just to see your shining soul

I would whisper to your heart

A beautiful song

For you to see

That's with me that you belong


It's much easier to believe

In the things that we don't see

Cause the words you hear from me

Were born in society

And it feels like such a curse

And it is just getting worst

So I will leave And walk away

Unless you hold my hand ask me to stay

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Quarta-feira, 06.11.13




From me

To you

Oh can't you see

This little words I say

Come from my



I know their not too much

But Hey

They mean so much

This words are


Shinny pretty diamonds

That I bought

To you

from me

With the best I got

My soul, my tears

and it's all sincere

So can you hear

The melody


Girl would you hold my hand

and I will lead in this dance

The rhythm growing inside

feel the rush of the ride


Girl would you give a smile

For me too keep it for a while

This dance is so amazing

but the rhythm seems to be changing


From you

To me

And suddenly

The storm has ceased

The Winter breeze


Has Stopped

Blowing away

And I thank you everyday

Cause you

And Me

Oh finally


You're shinny pretty Diamond


with the words I gave to you

With the best i got

My sou and my tears

and it's all sincere

So can you hear

The melody


Girl would you hold my hand

and I will lead in this dance

The rhythm growing inside

feel the rush of the ride


Girl would you give a smile

For me too keep it for a while

This dance is so amazing

and rhythm is not changin'

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Sábado, 02.11.13




You went across

storms and hurricanes

your spirit thinned

and not once you have sinned


You wish to become

More then just song

Not caring around, whispers and dreams

Of all people streams


But if you cancel away our dreams

Then your end will come real soon

Cause our purpose as it seems

Went out of tune


At the end, we've tried to hard

Maybe someday we'll fix our heart

you will to believe in hope

And grow apart


For the message we sent

You went all around

You tried to be calm

And hied all the way

The fire of fires

the troubles in your life


You knocked on our doors...


But not even once we tried

to ear our souls

And for that we left you on hold

you climbed to our roofs

and you crawled in the cold

But still we're being aloof


And if you do want to stay with me

Even if crying in misery

You just try to come on my way

I'll disobey


But if you cancel away our dreams

It will be harder than it seems

I choose pain over love in vain

And you'll become our blame

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Sexta-feira, 01.11.13




Oh you

Who went on a train for changin'

Oh you,        

Who grabbed your life too late

It was not your fault, you see...

You just wanted to be free

But sometimes the elders can't let go


And for that, you always wore the best dress

Grabbed anything, anyone for you

You lied to yourself, just you, no one else

And now you're in misery


Look at me, I tried to tell you             

That day, you were moving much to fast

Now your life is in the past


And for you, with all the painful doubts

Oh you,

Who cried along the day...

You cared for a new start

But all you did was faked

And your head is eating up your heart


Look at me, I tried to tell you

That day, you were doing it all wrong

And the worst is yet to come


Oh won't you come see me, sweet Mary

I'm waiting for you sweet Mary


Look at me, I tried to tell you

That day I knew where you were going

With the road you choose to take

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Sábado, 26.10.13




Here she comes again

Running deep down through my veins

And I think it's quite alright


Told you Once

Told You twice

But you won't take my advice

And you make me loose my mind



But I say "Hey Hey Hey I think It's time

For you to go now"

And you turn back at me and say

"Hey hey…"

Then you flow into my brain and make me see

a different point of view

But I know It isn't true

The things I see, they're fake

Unreal, yet good

So good… Intense a rush

But you better go away


The Story of my life

Making progress through my eyes

And I tell you this Ain't right…


"You mess with me I fuck with you

I will not leave you alone

And This song it's what you got"


But I say "Hey Hey Hey I think It's time

For you to go now"

And you turn back at me and say

"hey hey…"

And you crawl under my door

I forget all the troubles in my life

And I try to understand why things

Ain't right

Cause You

Try me

And I pray for you

To leave, go home

But You never go away


It's time for you to see

You should get on your knees

One more time i'm waking up inside

Come on, come on


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