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Não encontrei a letra ou os créditos desta música


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Quarta-feira, 04.01.17


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Quarta-feira, 25.05.16


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Sexta-feira, 13.11.15





I dreamed of others, people outraged me
I dream of hatred or just about simplicity
An innate conception is nothing new for me
I have been forgotten and partially erased …

It’s life that I can see right through your heart
It’s dark but I could hold your hands once more
If you’d let me adore you

Let me fantasize about disgust, about resentment
It started from a zero point
When mornings and twilights were out of place
When Eden was still a singular location apart,
A natural ground

I tried to make you fall into the core
I mixed you in my despairing heap of thoughts
When all I grant is love

Silence rushed back in
As if to repair the wound left by the apple
To pray is not for us anymore
To say at least a thousand lies
Spreading every second through a TV door
I looked up and saw the afternoon
The darkness began as though it would go on forever

Let me remain as your offspring in this world,
In this theory of yours called Earth, our Earth
An absence of feelings makes my crying an impossible dream,
A noisy silence gripping through this light, your brightest light

Oh father, my father…
I am thorn, repelled by your vomiting angels
I’m exploding of indulgence,
An irresponsible son

I don’t want to fall and stay imprisoned
Don't leave me cloistered by your superior walls
A storm is succeeding,
Coming from my heart, my deepest heart


from Light Ahead, track released July 7, 2014
Music by Nuno Filipe
Written by Nuno Filipe & Moun Pinz
Performed by Nuno Filipe
Guitars by Bruno Lucas
Bass by Ricardo Dias
Drums by Luís Barreto


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Terça-feira, 06.01.15




Não encontrei a letra desta música

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Segunda-feira, 05.01.15





Não encontrei a letra desta música




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Sexta-feira, 19.09.14





Não encontrei a letra desta música

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Nuno and the end


Este é um Projeto da Madeira com 3 álbuns editados pela sua própria editora. O estilo é um tanto eclético, oscilando entre o eletrónico e o Pós-Rock.


O resultado é uma mistura fina e atmosférica de pianos, guitarras, orquestra e eletrónica, complementado por vozes etéreas e intimistas. 


“We Came in Peace” é o single de avance de “Light Ahead”



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I come in peace my friends 
I’m designed for President 
Your hope’s about to change 
For what I preach is the best for you 

I’ve been right here but pretending 
Our tribe will never “bop” an ending 
My role is to maintain you locked into our liberal system 

I have just taken my functions and 
I’m so proud of you, my people, 
Who made me able to command this universe. 
Each child will be born to serve the law of dependency, 
Aristocracy, idiocracies and slavery. 

I’m calling out your granted minds 
I stand my finger up on you 

We came in peace, my friends 
We conclude what we'll end 
We promise you a crisis of confidence and consciousness 

The death of a world is our rule 
Feels so emotionally cool 
We’d like to tell you about the height of your expectations

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